5-Day Abundance Challenge



A transformative approach to strategically 

manifesting more abundance and wealth in just 5-days.


100% FREE. No credit card required. 

  Ready to hustle a bit less and flow a whole lot more?

Ready to master the art of manifesting more abundance, more money and more opportunities?

Ready to learn the fundamental mindset principles that every wealthy and abundant person has?

Curious to learn some never before taught secrets around manifesting abundance?

Ready to let go of your scarcity mindset and step into more wealth, abundance and growth in 2019?


Here’s What You’ll Learn in Just 5 Days: 

  • The MASSIVE mistakes people make when trying to manifest more Abundance and Money.
  • The Complete Align-Act-Amplify framework that you can apply to any area of your life to manifest more abundance and success.
  • The simple (yet powerful!) mindset-shift secret to fast-track your growth and manifest opportunities. 
  • Reprogramming your subconscious self-limiting that are stopping you from stepping into the Abundance, Wealth and Opportunities that you deserve.
  • Tools and strategies that you can use daily to instantly manifest more Abundance in your life.
  • The Money Mindset principles followed by the Wealthy and Abundant!
  • The secret to Quantum Leaping into your most Abundant life...that has never been taught anywhere else.

How does this Abundance Challenge work? 

Great question! 

After you sign up for this challenge, you'll receive a confirmation email confirming that you're all set for the challenge starting on 6 May (US Timezone)/ 7 May (Australia).

You'll then be redirected to a Facebook Group where the Live Challenge will be taking place (don't forget to join the group).

From Monday 6 May, you'll be able to attend the LIVE challenge in the Facebook group or you'll receive a recorded video sent to your inbox by 6pm that same day.

Every day for 5 days you'll receive an email filled with tools, strategies and exercises for stepping into your most Abundant Life with grace, ease and flow.

At the end of the challenge, you'll be invited to join a 6-week live coaching program, The Abundant Alchemist.

Get ready to seriously uplevel your Abundance and Wealth Mindset in just 5 days.

I can guarantee that you'll be a very different person by the end of the challenge.  

Meet Your Quantum Coach, Loren Trlin  

Hi! I’m Loren Trlin, creator of the Quantum Coach Method and host of this FREE 5-Day Abundance Challenge.  

I’m a business coach-from-the-trenches. Not only have I grown my own business and served hundreds of clients worldwide, but I’ve also done it while creating my ideal life.  

From being an overworked, unappreciated lawyer (no surprise, I’m super strategic!) to building my coaching business and moving across the world from Australia to the US, I’ve done it all.  

I’m your resident resourceful rebel as well.  

That’s because I’ve tested out every growth hacking strategy for manifesting incredible abundance in my life. Well over a million dollars in fact.

I’ve proved to my critics that you can have a wildly successful multiple 6-figure coaching business without living in fear, scarcity and lack.

Now, I’ll show you how YOU can do the same with my 5-Day Abundance training where I teach you how to step into your full Destiny.


Pop those details in and let’s do this!  

Alright, I'm in!


We start Monday, May 6

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